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Supply and Plant

Any plant, tree or shrubbery planted to your specification and for any job size. Let us know what you need, we will source it, import it if necessary and then plant them all in the same cost.

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Slab paving in Sussex

Our paving service offers a range of unique stone paving slabs and requested stones in different shapes and sizes. Get your quote today and regret going elsewhere.

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Block Paving Sussex

A lovely block paving job at a house in southern UK. Need some paving carried out by a reputable and reliable sussex family company? Get in touch.

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Hardwood and Millboard decking

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Swimming pool insertion

This swimming pool was a great task by the team and we completed it in record time. Producing a stunning 3 meter deep pool in Sussex.

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Electric gates & Keyless entry

We were tasked to insert a set of electric gates with full wiring and secure placement with the keyless function connecting with the house.

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Courtyard Garden ReBuild

A full rebuild of a front garden area that took just over 2 months with the help of our strong team it looks fantastic.

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Decking Area

This decking project was filled with requirements for our specialist skills.

We needed to erect a decking platform with a raised platform for the client to use as a seating area to enjoy the garden views.

This took 2 months in total and the results was a solid well made decking area meeting the requirements.

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