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Complete front courtyard garden

A completed job in Sussex for a front garden design and landscape. Very nice outcome which we are all proud of.

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Dangerous tree removal & replacement with imported willow

Dangerous tree removal & replacement with imported willow this project was very difficult due to the size of the fallen tree. We handled every safety measure and removed the tree and replaced the new tree within days.

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Floating balau hardwood deck start and finish

This job shows a start to finish project on the south coast with a decking area and floating effect with a tree in the centre.

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Diggers & Mowers

We have various diggers, mowers and other commercial equipment for use on our jobs or rental.

Contact us for more details.

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Current project Progression

A recent project that is taking shape, stay tuned for more updates as it gets finished this year.

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General Fencing

Looking for a perimeter fence or animal fence? Let us know. We have every option available and a talented team to carry out the work for you.

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Bespoke Fencing

The best in fencing just up the road in Sussex. We tailor our jobs to fit the environment and the look of every property.

Let us tell you what will suit your home and get your quote.

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Kids play areas

Looking for a unique  and environmentally friendly play area for your children? We build them from scratch and even make the pieces ourselves.

Get a design and quote from us today.

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